HEARTBREAKING! Poor Grandma Who Lives Alone With No Money and Electricity Walks 1-2 Kilometers Everyday Just to Eat!

As people get more career-oriented, they tend to forget their parents or the older ones who have taken care of them back when they were ...

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As people get more career-oriented, they tend to forget their parents or the older ones who have taken care of them back when they were still young. These people trudged on with their lives and forget that it is their parents who have reared them into who they are today.

In Thailand, an old woman who was spotted by Facebook user Jule'e Juleeporn lives alone with no money, electricity, and food to sustain her. The old woman, also known as grandma, has to walk for about 1-2 kilometers just to feed herself. Because of this, she has already developed a sore knee which needed to be treated badly, according to Jule'e.

The grandma claimed that she has a daughter but that the woman already lives with her husband, so nobody really takes care of her. The daughter left with her husband without saying a specific place on where she will reside, so the grandma said that she is patiently waiting for the day her daughter would arrive and return back to her.

According to her, she can wait every day for the rest of her life if needed. For the meantime, she lives with a cat and has to struggle with her day-to-day existence. She also said that she needs an electric rice cooker and mackerel--not for her, but for the cat she takes care of.

Jule'e noted that she used to take care of the old woman when she first met her. However, now that she has to send herself to school, she also has to leave the old woman with no company. She appealed on her Facebook post, saying that the old woman needs help and that if anyone would be willing to take care of her and buy her medicine, she would be very grateful.

The place where the woman is located is at 16 4RD Phasaeng district Ban Ta Khun, by the lamppost, according to her. It is in Surat and located under major power lines. The landmark by the entrance of her house is Bamboo Jungle Resort and Dreams Resort.

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Source: TNP , Facebook

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