'The President is in Danger': Christian Minister Shares Vision about President Duterte. WATCH HERE!

More than 6 months after President Duterte assumed office, many controversies still surround him. This is after he declared an all-out ...

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More than 6 months after President Duterte assumed office, many controversies still surround him. This is after he declared an all-out war against illegal drugs in line with his promise to eliminate crimes and drugs in 6 months. With this and his style of speech, it's no wonder that he made himself a number of enemies and has put his life in much danger. 

This is what netizen Victor Del Rosario talked about in a video message he wanted to relay to the President. Del Rosario, who claims to be a Christian Minister who hails from Leyte, warned the President against the possible danger that may come upon him. According to him, he had a vision last January 1 which showed two possible assassination plans against the President. The first will be during one of his overseas trips where he will be assassinated in an international airport. The second will be inside the country where he will be killed in an orchestrated helicopter crash. 

Furthermore, he shared that God has given him the specific instruction for the President to be spared of these unfortunate events. 

"For the President to be protected, if he wants to be protected, to survive this assassination plans, plans to eliminate him, and for his presidency to succeed, this is His specific instruction to the President- For the President to humble himself to the Lord Jesus Christ. And as soon as possible, have a Presidential Address in a live telecast and call on the Filipino people, to rally behind him and pray with him, for his protection and of this country."

He also shared that he was given the verses "Psalms 71:1:3" to be the focal point of the said prayer.

He also shared that he texted the President his vision, but since the President may be getting a lot of text messages in a day, he didn't get a reply. So he encouraged the netizens to just share his video until it reaches the attention of the President. 

The video received positive comments from the netizens believing the Del Rosario's words are true. However, there were also some who accused him of condemning the President. 

Watch the video below:

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