'Do not blame the President in Declaring Martial Law, Blame the Terorrists'- Paolo Duterte

Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte of Davao City wasted no time in defending his Dad from criticism on social media after imposing Martial Law to c...

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Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte of Davao City wasted no time in defending his Dad from criticism on social media after imposing Martial Law to contain the conflict and to stop it from spreading to the neighboring provinces in Mindanao.

Paolo Duterte compared the attack of Maute group of Marawi City to an evil deed that requires an iron response.

He also assuaged the fears of critics that the Martial Law declared by the former strongman was a different animal to the one declared by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte urged everyone to stay vigilant and support the declaration of Martial Law as the government is only doing this to stop the enemies of the state.

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"The attack of Maute Group in Marawi City and the eventual declaration of martial law in Mindanao by President Rodrigo Duterte is an example of an evil deed that needs to be addressed with an iron hand.
As our president had long been saying, "he who is the cause of the cause is the cause of the evil caused" meaning do not blame the President for his decision to declare martial law in Mindanao when he is only reacting to the terrorism of the Maute Group.
Martial law under the Duterte administration is far different from the martial rule under the Marcos leadership.
The government is hell-bent on putting a stop to the enemies of the state and I urged all peace-loving and law-abiding Filipinos to support this.
Let us cooperate, as this administration is only protecting us. Report all suspected personalities in your neighborhood and let us join hands in determining our future.
One that is without terrorism and one that is secured and peaceful. Let us not wait for the Marawi incident to happen in our very own backyard before we act."

Here are some comment/reactions of netizens

"During Yolanda "Bahala kayo sa buhay nyo" - Roxas
Bagyo in Luzon (Bicol) "Walang ticket pauwi" - VP Robredo
Crisis in Marawi "Don't be afraid, I'll be home." - Pres Du30
God bless you Tatay Digong!!!" - Florena Romano

"Martial law is not something to be feared of for its sole purpose is to secure public safety."
#PauwinaAngPangulo - Aimz MO

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